About IBEW Local 725

We are committed to providing our customers the best value with highly trained and skilled electricians employed by the most qualified electrical contractors in west-central Indiana and east-central Illinois. 

We have been doing it for over 100 years! 

IBEW electricians complete a three year residential or a five year commercialDepartment of Labor Registered Apprenticeship program.  Upon completion of classroom study and on the job training, IBEW 725 electricians are awarded an Associate's Degree from Ivy Tech State Community College  and work as professionals in all aspects of their jobs. We follow OSHA safety standardsthe National Electrical Code and all licensing requirements. Additionally, our electricians and electrical contractors comply with a strict Labor-Management drug testing policy and upon implementation, the Code of Excellence.

Together NECA and the IBEW, through the National Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee, have made providing a premiere, professionally trained workforce a top priority. 

They distinguish themselves by putting trained people on the job who can do it professionally, correctly, and with the best skill. 

We spend millions of dollars annually training our people in the field. This effort is ultimately about serving customers and helping their bottom line. 

Throughout Bloomington, Terre Haute, and Vincennes in Indiana (nine counties) and the Paris, Marshall, Newton and Robinson, Illinois communities(six counties), our partnership will bring you and your construction projects experienced, responsible, and dependable electrical professionals who complete jobs on time, safely, and within budget.

IBEW Electrical contractors do much more in the 21st century than put wires behind walls. The workforce of the typical NLMCC contractor has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to do anything from residential to industrial work, to specialties as diverse as power plant construction, solar photovoltaics, and datacom systems. 

Without the training and experience that's present in this unique workforce and among the management ranks, you -- the customer -- will not get your money's worth.

Productivity comes about as a result of management expertise and workers who are trained to work safely (which enables them to work quickly). Whether it's a large, diversified contractor (with divisions that are devoted to specific niches) -- or smaller companies that specialize in anything from datacom to systems integration/building automation to solar photovoltaics and wind -- NLMCC contractors can do the job for you.

There's a great deal more that these contractors, using skilled IBEW workers, can do for their customers.  They prove it every day.

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