Welcome to the IBEW 725

Providing quality electricians the Wabash Valley Area

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local Union 725 is a proud part of Indiana. Chartered June 19th 1919, we currently represent 711 Union Electricians that live and work within the jurisdiction for a variety of customers, and locations.

We strive to promote ourselves and our industry by

  • • Promoting reasonable methods of work,
  • • Cultivating feelings of friendship among those of our industry,
  • • Assisting each other in sickness or distress,
  • • Securing employment, for our members,
  • • Securing adequate pay for our work,
  • • Seeking security for the individual,
  • • And, by legal and proper means, elevate the moral, intellectual, and social conditions of our members, their families and dependents, in the interest of a higher standard of citizenship. (Taken from “Objects” in the “The IBEW Constitution”)

We hope you will take a few minutes and get to know who we are. We're your friends and neighbors. We are the IBEW and “The Right Choice” for your electrical needs.


When it comes to training and on-the-job representation, IBEW Local 725 works to promote the electrical industry and what is best for our Brothers and Sisters. If you have no experience or years of it in the field, we are here to help you succeed.

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